A Leaky Home Fixed


Only 13 years old this monolithic clad Northshore home had a severe leaking problem which required an extensive rebuild.

Leaky houses are caused by a number of factors and this project exhibited most of the following

  • Untreated timber that was allowed by Government and Council to be used in construction
  • Monolithic cladding, this is sheet cladding directly fixed to timber framing an sprayed over with thick paint, this was called sprayed texture finish, again sanctioned by Government and Councils
  • No eaves on the roof of a house
  • Poor flashings to the window heads, no flashings to the side generally relying on sealant at this junction
  • Decks that were direct fixed to the above cladding allowing ingress of water that once trapped would rot the timber
  • Flat roof structures with parapets and inadequate gutters to cope with the water flow

After completing plans and obtaining the building and resource consent an extensive rebuild was undertaken while the home was protected by scaffolding and shrink wrap. The client continued to live in the home while this work went on around them. The building process ran from mid November 2011 to end of March 2012,

Once we stripped the existing cladding off we were able to see the extent of the damage and proceeded to rectify all issues. We retained the original windows, put new jamb liners on and re sealed all joints which brought the existing windows up to standard.

Once the home was bought up to “new standard” the client sold at a very satisfactory price but prior to the repairs this 13 year old home was virtually unsellable.

Bays architectural have the big advantage of real practical experience in the remediation of leaky homes and as designers and licenced building practitioners can act as a one stop shop seeing projects through with one only 1 point of contact from “design to completion”